Here's what's happening from BIG RED HOUSE!

Now you can find us every weekend at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn! We sell our soups hot with yummy toppings like our Veggie Chili with avocado and cheese, Veggie Bisque with caramelized onions and hummus and we have a third rotating selection where we'll test out some new soups and bring back some old favorites. We're there every Saturday and Sunday from 10-6 through the end of March. Come say hi and check out the market! 

You can find us at some NYC supermarkets: 

  • Amish Market
  • Sunac Market

We're so thrilled to be working with 3 new cafes!! Stop by for some soup or a coffee! 

  • Bagel Culture - Glen Rock, NJ
  • Cafe Bari - NYC
  • Kuppi Coffee - Edgewater, NJ 

We'll be doing a healthy food tasting at Glen Rock Middle and High School in December.
Erica Jones, a junior at Glen Rock High School, got a grant from Sustainable New Jersey to educate kids about healthy eating. As far as our part in it, we're going into the Middle School and High School to offer kids healthy food to taste. We're going to give them Veggie Chili (with cheese and avocado of course :-), Super Tomato Soup, hot chocolate made with just chocolate and milk and either some sort of salad or roasted veggies.

They'll also get some hand-outs with:

  • the ingredients listed in Trader Joe's Organic Hot Cocoa vs. ingredients in the hot cocoa they tasted that day 
  • ingredients in a canned soup vs. ingredients in either the chili or soup they tasted that day
  • and a few recipes
This is the 4th year we've done something like this. It's amazing to see how many kids are up for tasting and when they do, they usually like what they taste. We've seen elementary-aged kids come for seconds and thirds of butternut squash soup. So many of them are used to eating "kid food"/junk but when they're given real food, they actually eat it and like it. Healthy tastes good!