Why I started this blog April 19, 2014 08:12

I have to say when it comes to food, I'm a total purist.
In terms of ingredients:
I don't like anything artificial,
I don't like any ingredients in my food that I don't recognize or that seem like they shouldn't be there i.e. what are "natural flavors"?
I don't like any sort of added ingredient (even if it's supposed to be healthy) like: vitamins, protein powder, Omega 3s, etc.

Somehow humans have survived on this planet for 200,000 years and only in the last hundred or so have we started eating genetically modified, man-made ingredients. I believe we should just eat whole foods that humans have been eating for thousands of years.

So what do I eat?  I basically eat any whole food unless I don't like the taste or texture. I don't eat any artificial sweeteners or fats. I'll take butter and sugar any day over margarine and aspartame. I'll also take full fat over low fat. I'd rather have a really small cup of the most delicious ice cream than a huge cup of low fat, only OK stuff. I also think that often the low fat stuff will have other additives to make up for the fat that it's missing. I try not to eat too much processed food primarily because it has ingredients I don't care for. I don't eat fast food because food that cheap just seems wrong to me. Also, years ago I started feeling disgusting after I ate it so honestly I haven't stepped foot into a fast food restaurant in about 12 years. 

I make a total of about 16 soups. All have whole ingredients. The only processed items I use are canned tomatoes and tomato juice. Other than that, everything comes from something that grows from the ground or in a few of our soups, something that once ran around. I never add sugar to a soup but instead choose natural sugars like apple or sweet potato if I want a soup to have a bit of sweetness. 

I've come across many so-called healthy products that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, with added Omega 3s, protein powder, agave "natural sugar", starches of different types and all sorts of other things added that seem to be fad eating to me. I makes soups that have high-quality, natural, whole ingredients and yes, most of them happen not have dairy or "gluten" and most contain veggie broth instead of meat broth. Whole foods taste really good. Put a combination of them together and add a little bit of salt and pepper and usually good things are created.

I was recently demoing and someone asked if I was vegetarian. Even though most of the soups I make are vegetarian, I actually eat meat. I don't eat tons of meat but I also would never want to cut anything out of my diet that I like the taste of and I happen to like the taste of meat. The reason my soups are vegan and vegetarian is because, in order to avoid adding weird ingredients (which any bullion cube will have and most store bought broths have), I started making my own broth so I know exactly what's in it. I think our soups taste delicious with veggie broth and luckily it's easier and much less messy to make than a meat broth.

Anyway, my reply to this person was that I am not vegetarian, I eat everything, I would never want to cut anything out, I just eat food. And I decided that would be a great name for a blog. So here's post #1! I hope you enjoy reading about my business and me. More on those 2 subjects in the next post....