Why BIG RED HOUSE and Wayfarer Supply Co.?

For about 7 years, I owned a soup company. At the time, we lived in a BIG RED HOUSE. From the moment I had laid eyes on this house, I loved it. It was where I raised my kids, where I started my soup business, and where lots of glorious memories were made. When I was searching for a name for my business, calling it BIG RED HOUSE felt perfect. Closing down my soup business was a difficult and emotional decision. That business was sort of my 4th child. I was happy the name was an excellent fit for my next venture: a kitchen products company

A while later, I branched out from kitchen products and began designing travel items. Having a travel company with the word "house" in it felt wrong. So I came up with Wayfarer, the definition of which is "a person who travels on foot". 

As fate would have it, my wanderlust has gotten the best of me, and we no longer live in that big red house (see Tales from the BIG RED HOUSE section of the website). But it makes me happy that my company name is a reminder of that house and the many wonderful years we spent there :-)